Cannula Training Course

The cannula training course has been introduced by popular demand. Many of you have contacted me and spoken to me at various training events, asking why there are no specific cannula training courses available. Well there is now!  This course is for suitably qualified candidates, who are already confident in the introduction of dermal fillers using needles and who wish to improve their treatment of clients.

In the right hands using cannula technique you will find a more comfortable way of administering treatments, little or no bruising, and often products will go much further.

We  will teach you more extensive knowledge about the anatomy of the mid and lower face. The emphasis will be on learning the safe areas to inject. There will also be more in depth explanation of how and why the structures of the face age, both soft tissue and skeletal. Practical training in recognising the position of the superficial and deep fat pads where volume is lost.We will show you  how this impacts on the appearance of facial structures. We will demonstrate the techniques and then you will have hands on cannula training to re-volumise these areas safely and effectively.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Comparison of Needle and Cannula
  • More advanced training in facial anatomy
  • Where not to use cannulas
  • Practical hands on training in the insertion of cannulas
  • Anaesthesia or no anaesthesia
  • When not to treat and contra-indications
  • Cannula technique live demonstration
  • Cannula technique, you will undertake live treatment on your model
  • Discussion of equipment and consumables required


Cannula Course Fee to include half day training,  – £750

0121-453-7949 07711111230

Academy for Facial Aesthetics, 17, Edgewood Rd, Rednal, Birmingham

My 2 colleagues and I have recently undertaken Botulinum toxin training with Andrew, who was a great tutor and really supportive throughout. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area and was able to offer expert advice at all stages.  Both Andrew and Alison made us feel most welcome and we look forward to undertaking future training.