Dermal Filler Training Course

Dermal Filler Training CourseDermal Filler Training Course One to One Training

The dermal filler training course is for suitably qualified candidates. It will teach the basic principles of injecting dermal fillers safely. The emphasis will be on understanding the anatomy of the face and how the ageing process impacts on the appearance of facial structures. This will be complemented by demonstrations and hands on practical training on live models. It is approved by Hamilton Fraser Insurance and Cosmetic Insure for obtaining medical indemnity insurance.

New, This course will include training in the use of hyalase.

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The Dermal Filler Training Course will include:

  • Product overview
  • History & science of dermal fillers
  • Anatomy and physiology of face & skin
  • Ageing process
  • Patient consultation & expectations
  • Delivery method- needle v cannula
  • Demonstration on live model
  • Practical training on replica skin
  • Practical training on live model treating cheeks, anterior lower face (marionettes and pre jowl sulcus)
  • Complications and how to resolve problems
  • Reconstitution and injection of Hyalase
  • FREE clinic start up pack

Course Fee to include the full day training,  E-course notes,  clinic startup pack,  Hyalase training, lunch- £1,250 to include up to 3ml of Dermal filler for use on day.