Lip & Perioral Training Course

The lip filler and perioral training course is for suitably qualified candidates who have completed a basic training course in dermal fillers. You will also need  to have had some experience of basic dermal filler injecting. The course will reinforce the principles of injecting dermal fillers safely by means of both cannula and needle. The emphasis will be on understanding the anatomy of the face; and how the ageing process impacts on all tissue layers of the face, and the resulting appearance of facial structures.  Not only will  will you learn the technique of lip treatments but also the perioral  ares that impact on lower face harmony.  We will also teach you how to balance the facial profile.  It is important to look at the face holistically; and not just in segments. Training will be complemented by demonstrations and hands on practical training on live models.

The lip andperioral training course is approved by Hamilton Fraser Insurance and Cosmetic Insure for obtaining medical indemnity insurance.

New, Hyalase training to be included in this course

The lip filler & perioral course covers the following topics:


  • Product overview
  • History & science of dermal fillers
  • Anatomy and physiology of face & skin
  • Ageing process
  • Patient consultation & expectations
  • Delivery method- needle v cannula
  • Demonstration on live model
  • Practical training on replica skin
  • Practical training on live model treating lips and perioral region
  • Complications and how to resolve problems
  • Hyalase training

Course Fee to include the full day one to one training, E- course notes  with all course information,  and ongoing support – £1,000 

0121-453-7949 07711111230

Academy for Facial Aesthetics, 17, Edgewood Rd, Rednal, Birmingham

After attending other courses on botox and filler training, I came across Andrew through the reccommendation of Hamilton Fraser Insurance. Andrew was very accommodating and was available on a saturday so no time off work needed! It was great to have training one on one so I could ask any questions as we went along, and the session was tailored to my exact training needs. I can thoroughly reccommend Andrew to others interested in facial aesthetics.”

Dr  M Dental Surgeon, Telford